Physiotherapy is a profession dedicated to keeping you moving. Our team of experienced physiotherapists work closely with your occupational therapist, exercise physiologist, your service coordinators, carers and family members to ensure you achieve your goals. Each client is treated as an individual and each program is unique to their needs and desired outcomes.

Offering appointments in our state-of-the-art Capacity Building Centre, home visits and telehealth session, our physiotherapists are constantly adapting to the challenges of the NDIS to continue to provide a high-quality service.

Our Services

Our Services

  • Spinal Cord Specific Capacity Building
  • Capacity building post stroke
  • Neuromuscular training i.e. ABI, TBI, Parkinson’s Disease
  • Physical activity management – psychosocial disabilities
  • Mobility training and gait analysis
  • Falls prevention training and education
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Respiratory physiotherapy
  • Telehealth
Our physiotherapists are experienced in the treatment and management of spinal cord injury. Post-discharge from hospital it can be a daunting experience for anyone post spinal cord injury. Our physiotherapists are armed with the knowledge to continue your treatment straight out of hospital and can tailor your program towards your community-based goals. Utilising the Capacity Building Centre, each client has a tailored program specific to their needs and aspirations.

For those who have been living in the community since discharge, our physiotherapists can work closely with your team to maximise your physical function in the context of your day-to-day life.

Many of our physiotherapists have worked in the acute and rehabilitation hospitals located in the Illawarra, Shoalhaven and Sydney. They have a multitude of skills to ensure you don’t lose the progress you made in the hospital and continue to improve when discharged. Whether you had your stroke months or years before getting onto the NDIS, our physiotherapists are equipped with the knowledge and technology to improve your quality of life.

Our state-of-the-art Capacity Building Centre is well equipped to teach vital life skills to those who have suffered an acquired or traumatic brain injury. Our one-of-a-kind centre in the Illawarra allows our clients to access the best technology for their treatments with the physiotherapy skill and knowledge to match. With sessions tailored towards each individual’s goals our clients get the most out of every session. They also have access to their occupational therapist and exercise physiologist all under the same roof.

Our physiotherapists can come to your door with all the required equipment and knowledge you will need to get top class treatment in the comfort of your own home. We appreciate that leaving the house is not as easy as it used to be and believe therapy in the home can be a powerful tool in improving your functional capacity.

In the context of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic our physiotherapists follow all the appropriate guidelines when visiting homes. This means appropriate PPE and sanitisation.

Interact and engage remotely to ensure supervised activity and rehabilitation programs continue to improve your health outcomes – even when you are at home. With the use of Physiapp our physiotherapists can contact, discuss, formulate and guide each participant through their rehabilitation programs. Physiapp’s unique technology allows your therapist to overlay treatment tools and material into the session.

No matter your location, or technology experience, Physiapp is easy to set-up and use. Our physiotherapists control the app on their end so all you have to do is press the green answer button.

Our physiotherapists pride themselves on their report writing. IOT is constantly monitoring the NDIS landscape to ensure each report produced fulfills the current NDIS criteria and best represents our clients’ needs. With internal quality checks you can rest assured each IOT report is produced at the highest quality and with the most up-to-date information relevant to your disability.

The Capacity Building Centre (CBC) is a state-of-the-art facility designed for people with disabilities to build their functional capacity and lead fuller lives. The centre is located at the innovation campus of Wollongong University, offering ample parking as well as multiple disability spots.

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